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Grigorijs Zeigermahers is the most active GTW player. In total he has already made 10 bets. "GTW makes fighting even more entertaining".

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About GTW

GTW - Guess the Winner is a new opportunity of having fun in the fighting world. Every user can try his luck, bet virtual points on fight winners and have a chance to win prizes from our partners. "Betting" process happens as on a normal betting platform: before the fight has started a user can make a bet (points) on a fight winner. Every fighter has assigned odds and in case of win bet points of user multiplies on odds. In case of loose points subtract. In case of draw points will return to a user. Initially every user has 100 points and once a month points will be updated back to 100, if user points sum is less than 100.

Process of betting

To make a bet user needs to go on a GTW page and select an upcoming fight on which he wants to bet. Under fighters are displayed odds. Next to odds in brackets are displayed first characters of fighters names (so it was easier to understand for which fighter odds are related). Click on odds, fill in the form and click "Add bet" button. That's it! Once fight is finished all points will be automatically counted.


Rankings are based on sum of points. More points user have - higher is his position. Once user exchanges points for prizes, these points are taken out from users account and displayed in rankings accordingly. In rankings appear users with at least one bet.


If you are interested in a partnership with and would be interested to provide prizes for GTW in exchange for advertisement, feel free to contact us (


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