Buy licence first and get a discount

Posted by Nikita Ribakovs / 21.04.2019




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There are two important steps to complete before start using the platform as a fighter. The first one is to connect user account to a fighter profile and about it you can read hereIn this article I'll go through the second step - the process of buying licence and will describe why you need the licence and how you can use it.

What does licence gives to a fighter:

1) Registration for fighting events/tournaments. Without the licence a fighter won't be able to compete in the licensed tournaments.

2) Discounts on entry fee (for licensed tournaments).

3) Statistics. All fighter statistics will be available in his profile. 

4) Fighter blog. Licence allows a fighter to run his own blog. In the blog, fighter can improve his online presence, share his experience/communicate with fans, run ad campaigns, publish sponsor/partner logos -> provide a value for sponsors and much more.

5) Take part in FIGHTech promotions/contests.

6) Take part in FIGHTech sponsors/partners promotions/contests. 

And more...

How to buy the licence:

1) Log in to your account and go to Get licence page

2) Add a promo code (if you have such) and click Pay button.

3) Fill in your card details, click confirm and OK. 

That's it, once you completed the last step, your licence will be activated.

The licence lifetime is 1 year and its price is 24.99 euro. However, we are going to publish promo codes which are going to give you a discount. And here is the first one:

FIRST100 - use that code and get 10% discount for your licence. This promo code will be active for 100 licences only.